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Need To Be Safe If Thinking About Using Propane In Natural Gas Appliances

It is paramount that consumers understand the importance of safety and the need to engage qualified propane service technicians to evaluate and convert natural gas appliances to use propane for heat, hot water, cooking and electricity generation.

It is critical that consumers DO NOT try to convert their appliances. Improper adjustments could lead to a gas leak that can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, a fire or even an explosion.

Can My Natural Gas Appliance Use Propane? Most likely yes, but..natural gas appliances SHOULD NOT be used with propane unless a qualified service technician has made the required adjustments to the appliance. Contact a state licensed propane dealer or service company to convert the appliance and connect to the propane system. Gas system regulators used for natural gas and propane systems and appliances are different. Although the conversion process may seem simple, do not attempt this yourself. A qualified technician must perform a leak test after tanks, piping, or appliances have been installed or modified in your home or business gas system. Not sure what to do? Locate a propane supplier by contacting the New York Propane Gas Association at 518-383-3823 or Or find us at 716-731-9826 or



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