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What You Need to Know When Switching Propane Suppliers

What You Need to Know When Switching Propane Suppliers Image

As a homeowner or business owner in the Western and Central New York area, you know exactly how fickle our weather can be, no matter the time of year. Choosing a dependable propane provider is key to making sure that you and your family are warm and happy, no matter what Mother Nature decides to throw our way. While it may be tempting to select a propane provider based on price alone, it’s smarter to choose a local company that knows your neighborhood and values your time and money. That’s where Wendt's Propane & Oil comes in! If you’ve been unsatisfied with your current propane company’s service, keep reading to learn what our experts want you to know when switching propane suppliers.

How to Find a Propane Company

When you choose a cookie-cutter propane company without features such as reliable automatic delivery, tank monitoring, and expert tank installations, you run the risk of losing out on valuable services that can help you save money and protect your property. Check out the list below of the top reasons working with a local propane provider like Wendt’s here in Western and Central NY pays off.

  • Reliable propane deliveries: To heat your home and power your appliances, you rely on propane deliveries. A propane delivery company like Wendt's stands out from the crowd because we offer both automatic and will-call delivery.
  • Availability: Local propane companies like ours often go the extra mile for their customers, and one way to do that is by getting you the fuel you need, when you need it.
  • Experience: When you hire a company to bring you propane, you want assurance that the delivery drivers are qualified. Choosing Wendt’s Propane means you know that everyone works together to ensure your propane gets to you efficiently and safely, all year long.

FAQS about Switching Your Propane Delivery & Service Provider

1. How much does it cost to switch propane suppliers?

When considering switching propane suppliers near Sanborn, NY, you might be wondering how much it would cost to change your fuel provider to a company that better suits your energy needs. You can start by evaluating your tank ownership status. Do you own, rent, or borrow your propane tank from your current company? If you outright own your propane tank, you may switch your propane delivery provider at any time. If you lease or borrow your tank, you may need to pay a small termination fee and your new propane supplier will be able to assist with swapping your tank for their own. Keep in mind, this is easier when your tank is near empty.

2. What is the process for installing my replacement tank?

Our experts agree that once you schedule your propane tank removal date with your previous propane supplier you should go ahead and schedule your new tank installation on the same date from the new Sanborn, NY company of your choosing. This will help you to avoid the inconvenience of being without propane for too long!

3. Will propane companies buy back propane?

Do you have any leftover propane in your tank from your previous provider? If you own your tank, you can simply have the tank refilled at any point by the new company of your choosing. But it is recommended to use up the remaining propane in your borrowed or leased propane tank in order to avoid pump-out fees from your previous fuel provider as these companies are not obligated to “buy back” unused propane.

Unhappy with Your Propane Service? Switch to Wendt’s!

Are you ready to switch propane suppliers in Sanborn, NY? We can help! At Wendt’s Propane & Oil, we are pleased to offer fuels for residential, commercial, and agricultural needs while maintaining outstanding customer service at prices you’ll love. Get in touch with our team today to become a new customer. Ready to order fuel? Login to your account to get started.

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