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How Much Does It Cost to Fill a Tank of Liquid Propane?

How Much Does It Cost to Fill a Tank of Liquid Propane? Image

If you’re a propane user in Western or Central New York, finding an affordable fuel supplier is paramount to ensuring that your overall home comfort, safety, and energy needs are met. With propane’s versatile applications for nearly every aspect of our routines – from heating our homes to powering our stovetops, grills, water heaters, and more, it’s essential to keep your fuel tanks topped off without breaking the bank! Keep reading to learn about the factors that influence the cost to refill your tank of liquid propane from our professionals here at Wendt’s Propane & Oil.

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Variables that Affect the Cost of Liquid Propane

When it comes to your propane supply, ensuring that your tank remains fueled up is important, no matter the time of year. However, these various factors can affect the cost of liquid propane in Western and Central NY:

Size of your propane tank

The biggest factor that influences the cost of your propane refill is the size of your propane tank. Residential propane tanks come in multiple sizes to best suit a home’s individual fuel needs. For instance, 500 gallons of liquid propane typically costs about $1,000 whereas smaller 100-250 gallon tanks are a couple hundred dollars to fill. These prices, of course, change frequently based on the rate per gallon from your local liquid propane company as well as the current demand for propane fuel.

Time of year

With the weather warming up, propane prices are at the lowest they’ll be all year. Since homes here in New York no longer need to keep their heating systems running as they would in the winter months, the demand for liquid propane is significantly lower; meaning that late spring propane prices are typically more affordable. Remember that as schools let out and families use more propane to power up their outdoor activities and recreational vehicles, these rates climb again – so now is the best time to order a refill!

Owning vs. leasing your propane tank

As a propane user in Central and Western NY, you may be wondering if getting your own propane tank is worth it. After all, this piece of equipment does affect the cost of your propane supply. Owning your propane tank outright is a great option if you want to avoid annual rental fees from liquid propane companies as well as avoid possible price increases from these companies for your rented equipment. Plus, owning your tank means you have greater flexibility to shop around for a propane supplier that offers the most affordable rates! However, renting your tank can be convenient to circumvent repair and maintenance costs associated with owning your propane tank.

Finding a local propane supplier

At Wendt’s Propane & Oil, we are dedicated to giving our customers great prices and outstanding customer service. Our customers can rely on our fixed prices available for residential heating customers on automatic delivery. We aim to offer our propane users the ultimate ease and convenience with our mobile app available on Google Play and the App Store, competitive fuel prices, 24-hour emergency service, and budget fuel plans to help make your propane refills more affordable throughout the year.

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The Future of Propane in 2024 is Abundant; Order Your Refill with Wendt’s Today

With the prolific domestic production of eco-friendly propane fuel, the propane industry is poised for growth this year. Homeowners and business owners alike can expect liquid propane to continue being an affordable energy option as we head into the future. For more information or to enroll with Wendt’s Propane & Oil reach out to our friendly team online today or you can log in to manage your fuel account now.

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